DXP Cloud

is two years old

We are still young, but no less than remarkable.
We've accomplished things that we never imagined before.

We deploy .

Deploying stand-alone software is great. But enabling complex systems by orchestrating and scaling multiple services is even greater. We've empowered world-grade enterprise interconnected solutions with the power of cloud computing. And we are proud to show a bit of what you have achieved on our platform.

Deployed services in total

The hard workers

Total of service events in a year

Liferay DXP
174K 18.2% Our Shining Star
149K 15.6%
145K 15.1%
Search 143K 15%
143K 14.9%
102K 10.6%

A new deployment.
A new solution, everyday.

Each deployment is a new version our customers are sending to the cloud, as well as a new solution their users are using. We are enabling new experiences at a pace that is almost exponential. And this is just the beginning.

Successfully deployments in total

Tons of builds.
Integrations to the millions.

Version control, code quality, compilation, and more. Our build tool is unstoppable. We've integrated and built more services than we ever imagined before.

Successfully generated builds in total

Growth on a global scale.

No matter where the customers are, we are there for them. Expanding our regional capacity is a top priority.

Worldwide project environments in total
Countries around the world in total
Worldwide project activities in total
United States South Korea Mexico Colombia Venezuela Hungary New Zealand Peru Brazil Argentina Portugal Romania Chile Ireland Singapore Netherlands United Kingdom Egypt Spain Czechia Hong Kong France Switzerland Slovakia Germany Italy Pakistan China Finland Venezuela Croatia Austria Panama United Arab Emirates Ecuador Bermuda Saudi Arabia Russia Cyprus Vietnam India Bulgaria Canada Serbia Japan Australia Denmark Taiwan Kuwait Luxembourg Lebanon Mauritius Poland Philippines
Infrastructure API Uptime Status in 2020

Reliability and scalability managed with ease.

To become world-grade efficient and cost-conscious in only two years, DXP Cloud was designed on top of multiple carefully engineered foundations. Its infrastructure contains four network transversal layers:

Services Interfaces and applications
Environments Network groups
Clusters VPCs and VMs
Platforms Storage and monitoring

The best companies put the clients first.

Our product team collaborates directly with the Support department to solve customer issues as one single unit. There are no clear lines between internal or external centered departments when it comes to solving problems. The whole team is the customer experience team. Every person can provide guidance and support, either to our crew members as to our clients.

Opened Customer Tickets in September, 2020
Solved Customer Tickets in September, 2020

The Customer Care Group (CCG) is one of the successful initiatives created by our team to deal with customer issues in a fast and responsive way. It was the cause of such numbers.

It’s better, when along with great people.

We celebrate our team members. We recognize we are tremendously lucky for having such a crew. These are the faces behind all this.

This was only possible because of you.

Thank you all for your precious time and relentless effort these two years.